Norconex GSA Committer

Open-Source Committer for Google Search Appliance



Google has discontinued their search appliance and no longer provides support since 2018. Contact Norconex for alternatives.

The Google Search Appliance Committer is a concrete Committer implementation for use with a Norconex Collector. It stores collected documents into Google Search Appliance search engine.

How to Use

Please read the install instructions first, then familiarize yourself with this Committer configuration options.

Latest news

Norconex HTTP Collector 3.0.0 Milestone 1
A step closer to final release. Available with milestone releases of core dependencies as well. More...

Norconex HTTP Collector 3.0.0 snapshots available
Development builds of upcoming version 3 now available to experiment with. More...
All Norconex open-source projects are now grouped under the same domain. More...

Norconex HTTP and FileSystem Collectors 2.9.0 released
New URL normalization rules, support for CMIS protocol, ACL extraction from more sources, etc. More...

Norconex Collector Core 1.10.0 released
Unmanaged logs, max parallel crawlers, etc. More...