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Core Committer library

Norconex Committer is a key component part of Norconex Collectors, responsible for "committing" or "applying" data to a target data repository (typically as part of an ETL process). This "core" project contains base classes used by all Committers and also offers a few basic Committers.

More often than not, you likely want a Committer implementation targetting specific products (e.g., Solr, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, IDOL, ...). For this, check the list of pluggable Committers or consider creating your own.

Out-of-the-box, this core library offers the following Committers:

Committer Description
FileSystemCommitter Commits documents on the filesystem in a format used by Collectors or other Committers.
JSONFileCommitter Commits documents to JSON files.
XMLFileCommitter Commits documents to XML files.
MultiCommitter Allows usage of multiple committers.
NilCommitter Dummy Committer logging useful information.

Use this Committer Core library if you are interested to build a new committer, or if you want to replace the Committer Core version you have with your downloaded Committer zip file with a more recent.

Refer to the API documentation for many of the features that are shared between all committers.

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