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Core Committer library

Norconex Committer is a key component part of Norconex Crawlers, responsible for "committing" or "applying" data to a target data repository (typically as part of an ETL process). This "core" project contains base classes used by all Committers and also offers a few basic Committers.

More often than not, you likely want a Committer implementation targetting specific products (e.g., Solr, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, IDOL, ...). For this, check the list of Committers add-ons or consider creating your own.

Out-of-the-box, this core library offers the following Committers:

Committer Description
CSVFileCommitter Commits documents to CSV files (spreadsheet-compatible).
JSONFileCommitter Commits documents to JSON files.
XMLFileCommitter Commits documents to XML files.
LogCommitter Commits documents to log files or console (not for production-use).
MemoryCommitter Commits documents to memory (not for production-use).

Use this Committer Core library if you are interested to build a new committer, or if you want to replace the Committer Core version you have with your downloaded Committer zip file with a more recent.

Refer to the API documentation for many of the features that are shared between all committers.

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