Norconex Committer Core

2.x Release Notes

Release History

Version Date Description
2.1.3 2019-12-22 Bugfix release
2.1.2 2017-11-26 Maintenance release
2.1.1 2017-05-23 Maintenance release
2.1.0 2017-04-25 Feature release
2.0.5 2016-08-25 Maintenance release
2.0.4 2016-08-22 Maintenance release
2.0.3 2015-11-03 Maintenance release
2.0.2 2015-08-07 Maintenance release
2.0.1 2015-03-31 Maintenance release
2.0.0 2014-11-25 Major release
1.2.0 2014-03-09 Minor release
1.1.0 2014-01-10 Minor release
1.0.1 2013-08-21 Maintenance release
1.0.0 2013-06-04 Open Source release

2.1.3 Bugfix release Release date 2019-12-22 Download

Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.15.1.
Fixed JSONFileCommitter now writes metadata properly. #18

2.1.2 Maintenance release Release date 2017-11-26 Download

New It is now possible to specify a "fileNamePrefix" and "fileNameSuffix" for generated files from XMLFileCommitter and JSONFileCommitter.
Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.14.0.
Updated Removed org.json/json dependency in favor of com.tdunning/json to avoid its ambiguous licencing and avoid conflicts with Tika dependencies.

2.1.1 Maintenance release Release date 2017-05-23 Download

Updated Subclasses of AbstractMappedCommitter will now have xml:space="preserve" when written (IXMLConfigurable).
Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.13.1.

2.1.0 Feature release Release date 2017-04-25 Download

New New XMLFileCommitter to write documents to XML files.
New New JSONFileCommitter to write documents to JSON files.
New Added schema-based XML configuration validation.
New Now distributed with install scripts and other utility scripts.
Updated XML configuration entries expecting millisecond durations can now be provided in human-readable format (e.g., "5 minutes and 30 seconds" or "5m30s").
Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.13.0.

2.0.5 Maintenance release Release date 2016-08-25 Download

Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.11.0.

2.0.4 Maintenance release Release date 2016-08-22 Download

Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.10.0.
Updated Now assumes UTF-8 where OS default was used for AbstractMappedCommitter and FileDeleteOperation.
Fixed Fixed MultiCommitter not sending "content" to certain committers after it was consumed by the first committer defined.

2.0.3 Maintenance release Release date 2015-11-03 Download

Updated Saved and loaded configuration-related classes are now equal. Methods equals/hashCode/toString for those classes are now implemented uniformly and where added where missing.
Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.8.0.
Fixed Fixed some configuration classes not always being saved to XML properly or giving errors.

2.0.2 Maintenance release Release date 2015-08-07 Download

Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.7.0.
Updated Jar manifest now includes implementation entries and specifications entries (matching Maven pom.xml).

2.0.1 Maintenance release Release date 2015-03-31 Download

Updated Queued items in classes deriving AbstractFileQueueCommitter are now sent to Solr in the same order they were sent to the committer.
Updated Added Sonatype repository to pom.xml for snapshot releases.
Updated Updated several maven plugins and added SonarQube maven plugin.
Updated Library updates: Norconex Commons Lang to 1.6.0, JUnit 4.12.
Updated Javadoc updates.
Fixed Changed a reference to ConcurrentHashMap .ketSet() to keys() in AbstractFileQueueCommitter because the iterator returned by the first one has changed between Java 7 and Java 8, which can cause a java.lang.NoSuchMethodError runtime error.

2.0.0 Major release Release date 2014-11-25 Download

Updated Now licensed under The Apache License, Version 2.0.
Updated ICommitter now expects InputStream instead of files.
Updated FileSystemCommitter now uses a more friendly date-based directory structure for storing files.
Updated The document reference is now part of IAddOperation.
Updated Now requires Java 7 or higher.

1.2.0 Minor release Release date 2014-03-09 Download

New New MultiCommitter class allowing the use multiple committers.
New New NilCommitter class swallowing the queuing and commit requests (i.e. doing nothing) but prints how many were queued or committed (but fake).
New New configuration options for AbstractBatchCommitter and subclasses: Max number of retries between commit failures, and how long to wait between two attempts.
Updated AbstractFileQueueCommitter and its subclasses now periodically delete empty directories under their queue directory. This can greatly reduce the directory scanning time when dealing with thousands/millions of files, improving performance.

1.1.0 Minor release Release date 2014-01-10 Download

Updated Rewrite of abstract committer classes to make it easier/more intuitive to create your own committer implementation. BaseCommmitter, BatchableCommitter, and FileSystemQueueCommmitter have been deprecated and are replaced by AbstractCommitter, AbstractFileQueueCommitter, AbstractBatchCommitter, and AbstractMappedCommitter.
Updated Former batchSize on BatchableCommitter is now queueSize on AbstractCommitter, and reflect the queue of files to be committed.
New A new "commitBatchSize" attribute has been introduced on new AbstractBatchCommitter class, and represents the quantity of files/items to be sent in a single request to the target repository (e.g. search engine).
Updated Removed unused dependency.

1.0.1 Maintenance release Release date 2013-08-21 Download

New Source and test jars are now bundled with release.
Updated Upgraded Norconex Commons Lang library to version 1.1.0.
Fixed Fixed a few javadoc errors.

1.0.0 Open Source release Release date 2013-06-04 Download

New Starting with this release, Norconex Committer is open-source under GPL.