Norconex Microfocus IDOL Committer

2.x Release Notes

Release History

Version Date Description
2.2.1 2021-10-18 Bugfix release
2.2.0 2017-04-25 Feature release
2.1.0 2016-08-29 Feature release
2.0.1 2015-04-01 Maintenance release
2.0.0 2014-11-25 Major release
1.1.0 2014-??-?? Feature release
1.0.0 2014-01-12 Open Source release

2.2.1 Bugfix release Release date 2021-10-18 Download

Fixed Fixed invalid charset when sending directly to IDOL. #2

2.2.0 Feature release Release date 2017-04-25 Download

New Added schema-based XML configuration validation.
New Now distributed with utility scripts.
Updated XML configuration entries expecting millisecond durations can now be provided in human-readable format (e.g., "5 minutes and 30 seconds" or "5m30s").
Updated Maven dependency updates: Norconex Commons Lang 1.13.0, Norconex Committer Core 2.1.0.

2.1.0 Feature release Release date 2016-08-29 Download

New Now ships with new install script that automates copying of dependent libraries, taking into account possible version conflicts.
Updated Dependency updates: Norconex Committer Core 2.0.5, Norconex Commons Lang 1.12.0, Apache Commons Lang 2.6.

2.0.1 Maintenance release Release date 2015-04-01 Download

Updated Added Sonatype repository to pom.xml for snapshot releases.
Updated Updated several maven plugins and added SonarQube maven plugin.
Updated Library updates: Norconex Committer Core 2.0.1, SLF4j 1.7.12, Apache Commons Codec 1.10.

2.0.0 Major release Release date 2014-11-25 Download

Updated Now licensed under The Apache License, Version 2.0.
Updated Upgraded to work with Norconex Committer 2.0.0 (won't work with older versions).
Updated Document "id" is now referred as document "reference".
Updated Now requires Java 7 or higher.

1.1.0 Feature release Release date 2014-??-?? Download

New Added support for sending documents to Autonomy Connector Framework Server (CFS).
New Can now retry on commit failures and specify a delay between retries.
Updated Upgraded to Committer version 1.2.0 and refactored code accordingly.
Updated "batchSize configuration option has been renamed to "queueSize". "solrBatchSize" configuration options has been renamed to "committerBatchSize".

1.0.0 Open Source release Release date 2014-01-12 Download

New Initial release. Norconex Commiter IDOL is open-source under GPL.